Lisa a la Mode

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“My Story is a bit long so I hope you’ll bear with me:I had been blogging for almost two years when I reached out to Frances. I had just paid a web designer to pull my blog out of blogger and into wordpress, but I still wasn’t happy. You see, my previous web designer was not that familiar with beauty and fashion blogs, so I felt that he just couldn’t grasp the important details that my blog needed to capture. The layout, the color, the banner, the feel of my couldn’t compete against what’s out there. And Frances knew that because her company is more than web design, it really is a consulting firm that will help with all areas of your blogging success. Also, since she herself began as a fashion blogger, she gets “it” in a way that someone who doesn’t have personal experience in this industry couldn’t possibly. As a new mom, I now see blogging as something that could potentially take me out of the 9-5 lane and into a world where I control the stakes. A world wherein I can be a better mother and wife, while still providing for my family. My old blog just wasn’t going to be able to help me do that. Frances helped me in more ways than I can recount here in this testimonial. My new blog has only been up for two weeks and I finally feel as though it can compete against some of the topbeauty and fashion blogs. Just today I was featured as one of the top 100 beauty and style bloggers (http://www.goodlooknout.com/100-brown-style-bloggers-need-bookmark/) I also feel as though I know what I’m doing now. Blogging is HARD work, [...]